Activities and Services

Sarl NORTH AFRICA MARITIME SERVICES is an agency of maritime consignment present in all Algerian ports of trade. It also provides documentation of tramp vessels. Likewise it is authorized to record all types of commercial vessels (oil, gas, passenger ships, ...). This activity is carried out with the constant concern to provide customers with quality services to make them true partners

Representative of the owner: with all authorities and customers. It organizes the call of the vessels in the ports and customs treatment. It is the link between the ship and port operators. It delivers the goods for import. She orders the export operations.

The core missions

Commercial Role


A list of Commercial Role

  • Home customers
  • Exchange documentaries
  • Delivering the goods
  • Issuance of lading for the goods for export
  • Provision of containers for export
  • canvassing and recruitment of cargo, consulting clients, participation in fairs and exhibitions.